7. Export Rx Maps to John Deere Operations Center as Work Plans

  1. Check that GeoPard has enough Access Rights to create Work Plans at the John Deere Operations Center. Visit https://app.geopard.tech/#/user/integrations/jd and check the message. If it exists then the GeoPard <> John Deere connection has to be updated.

We have observed that the changes are applied only after the re-login into John Deere Operations Center (1) and re-login in GeoPard (2).

  1. To export Rx Map (ZonesMap with assigned Rates) the following conditions of the ZonesMap should be met:

    1. A ZonesMap should have assigned Rates.

    2. A Field should be synchronized with John Deere Operations Center: either imported from John Deere Operations Center or exported into it.

  2. Export Rx Map into the John Deere Operations Center as a Work Plan by clicking in the drop-down menu. IMPORTANT: only creation of Seeding Work Plan is available for now (Status: 2024-06-01)

Crop Varieties and Chemicals (including Tank Mix) should be preconfigured in the John Deere Operations Center in advance.

  1. Check in the John Deere Operations Center in Work Plans

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