2. GraphQL Subscription

The sequence diagram for GraphQL Subscriptions illustrates how to benefit from the event-driven architecture implemented in the GeoPard core. Upon any changes to the linked entities, the

GeoPard API promptly emits an event capturing the impacted entities and the corresponding operation (INSERT, MODIFY, REMOVE). The scope of these subscriptions is expansive, covering all entities such as Farm, Field, SatelliteImage, SoilDataset, AsAppliedDataset, YieldDataset, TopographyMap, Notes, etc.

The GraphQL Subscription (Request 1 or R1) operates on a WebSocket where all events are delivered in almost real-time, ensuring immediate communication of any changes.

The receiver of the subscription events should function as a basic service, responsible for routing the received events to a subsequent service where processing logic is applied. It is crucial that this receiver doesn't perform any processing tasks itself.

Moreover, should there be any missed or lost events, users have the capability to retrieve them. This is achieved by executing a GraphQL query tailored for a specific date range and entities (User, Farm, Field), effectively enabling a complete recovery of past events (Request 2 or R2). This level of functionality ensures no information is lost, maintaining the integrity and consistency of user data.

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