Draw a new field

Now, after you have created your first farm, you can proceed to create (draw) your fields.

You can add a field to your farm in two ways: uploading a .shp file or manually drawing a field. We will focus on drawing fields manually for now.

  1. Click the button to create a field.

  1. In the next step, enter a name for the field and select the farm you created earlier.

  1. Next, click Draw on the right.

  1. You can easily navigate to the required location using the β€˜Search’ field. The search allows you to search both by name and coordinates. It is also possible to apply standard map navigation – using the cursor and β€œ+”, and β€œ-” buttons.

  2. After you navigate to the required area, click anywhere on the selected area (both right-click and left-click work) to proceed to manual drawing. You start with one point (dot) and keep adding points to draw boundaries for your field.

  3. To complete the drawing, just connect the last point with the first one or double-click the left mouse button.

  1. The application will automatically calculate the size of the selected area. Click the button to save the shape you have drawn for your field.

You will see an informational toast message saying that the first historical satellite images will be available in a couple of minutes, and the complete dataset in about 1 hour or less.

You can either go straight to the created field by clicking the corresponding button or continue to draw new fields.

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