Edit Zones Map: Merge & Split

By using merge and split zones features you can merge and split polygon(s) or management zones (or any other data layer), and assign a polygon or a complete zone to another class. It helps to tune zones maps for precision operations like seeding, fertilizing, or spraying.

  1. Open the required field, go to the Zones Map section, then select a map, open the action menu, and click the ‘Go to zones map page’ item:

  1. Click "Modify Zones" and then select "Merge Zones"

  1. The zones merge flow contains 2 steps:

a. select the zone (color) in which you will merge poligons,

b. select one or more polygons on the map

"Add the entire zone" checkbox will activate complete merge of a zone into a selected zone.

  1. Click "Finish"

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