1. "Staff Member" sharing

To share data of the organization with the staff member account, the owner of the organization should go to "Team Manager page" (https://teammanager.deere.com), select the organization (example VY Org 01) and click "Staff Member" button.

  1. Populate the email of the staff member account and click "Next" button.

  1. Populate "Organization Management" access level to 1 with "Share Organization Data with Connected Software Companies" checkbox and "Locations" access level to 3.

  1. Click "Next" button.

  1. Click "Finish" button.

  1. The table show the result approve/decline/pending of the request.

  1. After that staff member account receive an email notification about it and the confirmation popup for the first login to John Deere Operations Center. The staff member should click "Accept" button.

  1. After approval, the staff member should see the new organization (example VY Org 01).

  1. The GeoPard app should display the new organization of the staff member, then the staff member should click "Connect" link (example VY Org 01).

  1. The staff member should select the new organization in the list (example VY Org 01).

  1. Click "Save" button.

  1. After that, the GeoPard app ready to work with the new organization.

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