QGIS: Split Multi-field Shapefiles


Sometimes you have a shapefile with many fields in it. GeoPard supports .shp per field boundary upload. So, to upload such a file you need to split it into many shapefiles, you can do the following in a free QGIS program.

1 - Initial file consists of 2 polygons

2 - Toggle editing on the layer

3 - Choose the Split vector layer option

4 - Choose a Layer and Attribute

  1. a layer (file) to split

  2. a unique attribute based on which split will happen

  3. Output directory (should be created in advance)

Advanced Parameters - Choose shp as the Output file format

5 - Click run and go to the Output directory folder. New files should be created. One file per polygon (field)

6. If created files are .gpkg drag & drop them into qgis and resave them one by one into the .shp format

Right click >Export>Save features as> 1. Format ESRI shapefile

2. Select the path and file name

3. Uncheck unnecessary attributes

Important note -

Slash / or Backslash \ can break the creation of files (and some other special characters). Please, remove or edit them in case of error.

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