5. Execute Equations

The Execute Equations sequence diagram illustrates the process of performing Equations within the GeoPard solution.

Typically, it is recommended to use pre-saved Equations from the account or organization level. An Equation invariably contains links to other datasets, such as the SoilDataset, AsAppliedDataset, YieldDataset, SatelliteImage, and so on. Attributes from these linked datasets serve as variables within the equation, indicating that dataset details are gathered beforehand. The most commonly used datasets are SoilDatasets (Request 1 or R1), AsAppliedDataset (Request 1 or R1), and YieldDataset (Request 1 or R1).

The Equation execution is initiated asynchronously. The first request triggers the execution of the Equation and returns UUIDs that identify the corresponding EquationMap (Request 2 or R2). The summary of this execution is delivered via GraphQL subscription events via WebSocket (Request 3 or R3). Upon delivery of the event, the GeoPard API consumer can fetch information such as metadata, statistics, and geometries (Request 4 or R4).

The GeoPard event-driven architecture ensures a robust, efficient, and responsive system for executing equations and retrieving their results.

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