36. Mutation: Add multiple "Comments" to the selected "Notes"

This mutation allows you to add multiple Comments to the selected Note.

The maximum amount of Comments to save is 25.

  • A Comment can be linked to the Field via its unique identifier fieldUuid and to the Note via noteUuid.

  • The content of the Comment can be provided using the text attribute. If the content needs to be multiline, the text attribute should contain a string with newline characters \\n to separate lines. For example: "First line. is here\\nSecond line is here.\\nThird line is here.".

  • It is possible to set a defined datetime associated with the comment using the createdDate attribute in the ISO8601 format.

The sample request can be found below:

mutation BatchAddNoteComments {
    comments: [
        noteUuid: "53547188-f37c-4d65-9733-f7de4be28e5b",
        fieldUuid: "d31240db-98e6-4cb0-b0a8-97ffe00f5e0d",
        text: "The 4th comment from multiple.",
        createdDate: "2020-08-25T06:06:06.000Z"
        noteUuid: "53547188-f37c-4d65-9733-f7de4be28e5b",
        fieldUuid: "d31240db-98e6-4cb0-b0a8-97ffe00f5e0d",
        text: "The 5th comment from multiple.\\nThe second line of the comment.",
        createdDate: "2020-08-25T06:06:07.000Z"
  }) {

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