46. Mutation: Generate multi-layer "ZonesMap" asynchronously

Generate "ZonesMap" based on multiple layers for the "Field" asynchronously.

The asynchronous approach generates a task (Generate "generateVectorAnalysisMap") to process and the Subscription will be received as soon as the processing is finished.

Attribute dataLayers contains the necessary information per data layer to utilize in the result "ZonesMap". The attribute factor represents the weight of the data layer.

mutation GenerateMultiLayerZonesMapAsync {
  generateMultiLayersVectorAnalysisMapAsync(input: {
    fieldUuid: "<placeholder_of_field_uuid>"
    name: "MultiYear f1.0 + LIDAR Slope f-0.5 + OM f0.5 + VolDr f0.2"
    dataLayers: [{
      factor: 1.0
      satelliteImageUuids: [
    	index: EVI2
    }, {
      factor: -0.5
      topographyMapUuid: "<placeholder_of_topographymap_uuid>"
    	topographyAttribute: slope
    }, {
      factor: 0.5
      soilDatasetUuid: "<placeholder_of_soildataset_uuid>"
      soilAttribute: "Soil_OM___"
    }, {
      factor: 0.2
      yieldDatasetUuid: "<placeholder_of_yielddataset_uuid>"
      yieldAttribute: vol_d
  }) {    

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