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Operations Log - Track errors/Imports and Analytics


The Operations Log in GeoPard is a dedicated module designed to keep track of all operations associated with fields and datasets within the system. It provides a comprehensive view of the status of each operation, allowing users to monitor and manage their datasets effectively.

Example of Data Provided

Below is an example of the data provided in the Operations Log:
The Operations Log page allows GeoPard clients to track all imports and analytics, filter by farms and fields, and go directly to the fields and data layers associated


Accessing the Operations Log

To access the Operations Log, navigate to the designated section within the GeoPard platform. Or navigate directly to the​



Users can filter the operations log by:
  • Farm and Field: Allows users to view operations specific to a selected farm and field.
  • Timeframe: Users can choose a specific timeframe (e.g., any 2 days) to view the operations conducted during that period.

Operation Status

The Operations Log provides detailed information about the status of each operation, categorized as:
  • In Progress: Operations that are currently underway.
  • Success: Operations that have been successfully completed.
  • Ignored: Operations that have been ignored.
  • Error: Operations that encountered errors.

Direct Access to Datasets

From the Operations Log, users can directly access the relevant dataset associated with each operation, enhancing the ease of navigation and management.

Error Tracking

GeoPard assists users in tracking any errors that occurred with the data during the import process, ensuring that users are always aware of the health and status of their datasets.

Data Types Tracked

  • Vector Analysis Maps (Zones Maps)

  • Equation Maps

  • Soil Datasets

  • Yield Datasets

  • As-Applied & As-Planted Datasets

  • Elevation

  • Field Satellite Imagery

  • Planet Image

  • Planet Mask (metadata layer to calculate stats & clouds/shadows)

  • Three Dimensional Map (3D maps)


The Operations Log is an essential tool within the GeoPard platform, designed to enhance the user experience by providing detailed insights into each operation and its status, ensuring effective and efficient dataset management.