Edit a boundary

You can edit the boundaries of your field(s) using the same ‘drawing’ tool, in cases when you want to edit some inaccuracies of the drawn or uploaded field.

  1. To start editing, first, select the field you want to edit from the fields list. Then open the ‘Field Operations’ menu and select the ‘Edit Field Boundary’ item.

  1. Double-click the boundaries, to activate the editing tool. The moving points will be activated and you can change the boundary by moving it or adding additional points for drawing a more detailed boundary of the field.

  1. To draw an additional polygon click the Draw button.

  2. To exclude some area (a pond, slope, etc) from the field, click the Make hole button. Then select the area you want to exclude from the field in the same way as you were drawing a field. The highlighted area is excluded from the field when you click anywhere outside the highlighted area. You can also fine-tune the excluded area as in editing boundaries by activating the points and moving/deleting them.

  3. To delete the selected point, select it and click the Delete button.

  4. It is possible to use any data layer as a background base map.

7. To save the changes, click the Save&Finish button. You will see a confirmation message that the changes were saved.

Note: After you have edited the boundaries of your field, we advise you to run the Zones Creator tool to generate a new analysis because old zone maps were built based on old boundaries and won’t be regenerated. You can use the ‘Clone an existing Zones Map’ option to get new results quickly.

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