6. Generate ZonesMap

The diagram in question outlines the process of generating a ZonesMap using various data layers, such as Satellite Images (Request 1 or R1), SoilDatasets (Request 1 or R1), AsAppliedDataset (Request 1 or R1), YieldDataset (Request 1 or R1), and Topography (Request 1 or R1) using GeoPard.

The generation of the ZonesMap is an asynchronous operation. It begins with a request for execution, upon which unique identifiers (UUIDs) are returned as a response (Request 2 or R2). These UUIDs link the request to the subsequent processes and results.

Next, the GeoPard API consumer waits for the delivery of a GraphQL subscription event that contains the linked UUIDs (Request 3 or R3). This event signals the completion of the ZonesMap generation and marks the readiness of the data for retrieval.

Finally, the GeoPard API consumer can retrieve details about the generated ZonesMap (Request 4 or R4). This includes metadata, URLs for rendering, statistical distribution, and geometries, providing a comprehensive overview of the generated ZonesMap.

NOTE: ZonesMap is the alias of VectorAnalysisMap in the subscription event in TreeNodeEntity enum.

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