Satellite Monitoring

Visualize, Analyze Landsat, Sentinel and Planet Imagery

GeoPard provides access to a 30+ years archive of processed, calibrated, and cleaned satellite image data with comprehensive sets of views, which are calculated against every satellite image.

This allows you to monitor crop development including retrospective analysis and condition assessment, scout for areas with different levels of growth, detect anomalies and compare your farm with neighboring fields and areas.

Controls and Filters

GeoPard solution has the following controls and filters to manage satellite data:

  1. Compare layers – allows comparing criteria analytics side by side in a split view

  2. Cloud drop-down list with the following values:

  • Cloud free – shows only cloudless images

  • Partially cloud – adds partially cloud images

  • All images (default) – shows all available satellite image

  1. Provider filter – allows filtering images by a provider (Sentinel, Planet, or Landsat)

  2. Month and Year filters – allow filtering satellite images by month or year

  3. Satellite monitoring section – shows satellite images, which can have the following values:

  • Date

  • Cloud indicator (partially cloud or cloudy, if you selected this option)

  • For cloud-free images, it displays the NDVI index calculated from the image

  • Provider name (Sentinel, Planet, or Landsat)

On the field map, you have the following controls:

  1. Set of indices

  2. Crop by boundary

  3. Hide/Show layer

  4. Zoom to field

  5. Zoom to my location

  6. 3D/2D view

  7. Zoom in

  8. Zoom out

  9. Map source (Bing or Mapbox maps)

  10. New - Contrast Image - colors based on the statistics for a chosen index within the field boundary

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