📊Zones Maps and Analytics

Users can enter the Zone Map creation flow through two methods. The first involves the Create Zones Map button, which allows users to choose how to construct the Zones Map. The second method is by Cloning an existing Zones Map to experiment with parameters and modifications without needing to alter the Zones Map flow selection.

View Zone Map

In the subsequent screens, you'll find a brief overview of the available controls, designed to help you understand what information is located in each part of the screen.

Use the Create Zones Map Button

To create a Zones map for your Field, open it from the fields list and then click the Create Zones Map button:

You will proceed to the Zones Creator tool, where you need to select the type of Zones Map you want to create.

More options on how to use various types are described in the following paragraphs:

Clone Existing Zones Map

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