Geo Endpoints

GeoPard uses Open GeoSpatial Consortium data formats like WMS for pictures and WFS for vector data. Also, we work with shapefiles for import and export. The engine is flexible to import and export in any of these data formats. For satellite imagery, we work with COGs (Cloud Optimized Geotiffs)

You have to install Postman to execute WMS/WFS requests.

Every request has to be signed with HEADER "Authorization" (where the token must be put) or with the URL parameter "geopardApiKey " (where the user API key must be put).

WMS API endpoints are stored under "geoMaps" attributes of "Field", "FieldSatelliteImage", "VectorAnalysisMap", "RasterAnalysisMap", "TopographyMap", "SoilDataset", "YieldDataset" entities. Check GeoPard DataScheme.

WFS API endpoints are stored under "boundaryUrl", "zonesMapUrl", and "attributesUrl" of "Field", and "VectorAnalysisMap" entities.

We recommend using the EPSG:900913 projection instead of EPSG:3857 to get more accurate images.

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