83. Query: Collect Platform Context

At a large number (hundreds or thousands) of processed datasets (like "SatelliteImage", "AsAppliedDataset", "YieldDataset", "SoilDataset", etc) there is always a demand to understand the status of the processing of every dataset and collect the processing summary. These details are provided using getPlatformContext query.

The common cases:

  • Trace the processing progress

  • Collect processing summary and statistics

  • Observe errors and warnings during processing for further deeper investigation of affected datasets

query CollectPlatformContext {
 getPlatformContext(input: {
   userUuids: ["<placeholder_of_user_uuid>"],
   statuses: [Start, Done, Warning, Error, Ignored],
   dateFrom: "2023-05-25T12:49:00.000Z", 
   dateTo: "2023-05-30T06:35:00.000Z", 
 }) {
   events {

Supported input filters:

  • dateFrom as datetime in ISO 8601 format (ex: "2023-05-25T12:49:00.000Z")

  • dateTo as datetime in ISO 8601 format (ex: "2023-05-30T06:35:00.000Z")

  • operationIds as array of the operation identificators (Strings)

  • statuses as array contained values from ContextEventStatus enum with all processing statuses including intermediate, recommended to use the key ones [Start, Done, Warning, Error, Ignored]

  • subFieldTypes as array had values of TreeNodeEntity enum with all GeoPard entities

  • subFieldUuids as array with UUIDs linked to the selected entities in subFieldTypes

  • userUuids as array of "User" UUIDs to search

At least one of the following filters must be initialized: userUuids, fieldUuids, subFieldUuids, or operationIds.

If dateFrom and dateTo are not specified, the default query duration is set to 12 hours. The maximum recommended time span for data retrieval is 24 hours.

There is a limit of max 10,000 rows delivered.

To observe all available latest values of enums (like: TreeNodeEntity, ContextEventStatus, ContextMessageKey), it is recommended to use Altair.

The output object includes the following attributes:

  • fieldUuid represents the UUID of the associated Field

  • subFieldUuid denotes the UUID of the linked processed dataset (like "SatelliteImage", "AsAppliedDataset", "YieldDataset", "SoilDataset", etc)

  • subFieldType as enum linked to the TreeNodeEntity

  • operationId as string that holds the identifier of the operation, it remains consistent across all related processing chains, it's advisable to group by this identifier to trace all processing stages

  • status as enum linked to ContextEventStatus

  • executionDate as string in the ISO 8601 format that indicates the moment of execution

  • messageKey as enum linked to ContextMessageKey that describes the outcome of the execution

  • optional as string that provides a technical description (if relevant), it is primarily used for debugging and bug reporting

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