49. Query: Get Gridded Data from "FieldSatelliteImage"

Query to get gridded data from the raster dataset related to "FieldSatelliteImage" as GEOJSON with points or GEOTIFF. The properties attribute depends on the provider and usually contains the original provider data (like RED, GREEN, BLUE, NIR, and even Clear Land) per point/pixel. More details about the exported file can be found HERE.

1. Request a file to export

Recommended retrieving only a single dataset with sourceDataUrl per request.

NoBuffer, PlusOnePixel, PlusTwoPixels, MinusOnePixel, and MinusTwoPixels are available as a buffer.

GEOJSON and GEOTIFF are available as a format.

query GetGriddedDataFromSatelliteImage {
  getFarms (farmUuids: ["<placeholder_of_farm_uuid>"]){
    fields (fieldUuids: ["<placeholder_of_field_uuid>"]) {
      satelliteImages(satelliteImageUuids: ["<placeholder_of_satelliteimage_uuid>"]) {
        satelliteImage {
        sourceDataUrl(format: GEOJSON buffer: PlusTwoPixels)

2. Download the generated file

After the successful preparation of the file, it is possible to download it using curl or a similar approach.

sourceDataUrl link is accessible for only 60 sec.

curl '<sourceDataUrl>' --compressed >> '<local_filepath>'

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