3. Grep Satellite Imagery

The illustrated diagram details the process of fetching historical SatelliteImages and receiving newly acquired ones as they become available in GeoPard.

GeoPard supports various providers, including Sentinel2, Landsat 4/5/7/8/9, and Planet. The fetching of SatelliteImages can be achieved using generic queries such as getFarms and getFields, with the relevant data located within the Field entity (Request 1 or R1). The GeoPard API consumer has the flexibility to filter the SatelliteImages by various parameters including date range, provider, cloud coverage percentage, and rendered geo map types.

To be always updated about newly acquired and processed SatelliteImages, GeoPard API sends the subscription events about the changes via WebSocket (Request 2 or R2). Upon the receipt of a MODIFY event of SatelliteImage for the interested Field, the SatelliteImage is flagged as ready for collection from the GeoPard API based on its uuid (Request 3 or R3).

This event-driven architecture ensures API customers are promptly notified and are capable to access the latest SatelliteImage as soon as it's processed and available.

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