6. ZonesMap: custom color schema

Field-related data layers are located in the field -> vectorAnalysisMaps -> geoMaps attribute. It has the origin and thumbnail "VectorAnalysisMap" representations. Every geoMap contains complete details about the access url, color codes, classes, and view names.

As the first option, the new color schema can be applied directly via the following sample env=c1:%23762a83%3Bc2:%23af8dc3%3Bc3:%23e7d4e8%3Bc4:%23d9f0d3%3Bc5:%237fbf7b should be checked, where %23 is # symbol and %3b is ; symbol.

As the second option, the new color can be saved in advance via Mutation: Set custom color schemas to selected "GeoMaps" mutation.


https://api.geopard.tech/geo/map?SERVICE=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&FORMAT=image/png&TRANSPARENT=true&VIEWPARAMS=uuid:<vector_analysis_map_uuid>&LAYERS=zone_map_view&exceptions=application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage&SRS=EPSG:3857&STYLES=zonesmap_5&HEIGHT=512&WIDTH=512&BBOX=<field_bounding_box_in_epsg3857>&env=c1:%23762a83%3Bc2:%23af8dc3%3Bc3:%23e7d4e8%3Bc4:%23d9f0d3%3Bc5:%237fbf7b&geopardApiKey=<your _geopard_api_key>


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