Working offline

Working offline

Before you proceed to work with the GeoPard mobile application, we recommend that you save your credentials, so that you have no issues accessing the application while having no network connectivity.

To be able to work offline, you need to download Zones Map to your smartphone. Tap the download button next to the Zones Map you want to download (2).

Once the map is downloaded to your device, it will have a green check mark next to it (1).

To download all Zones maps at once, tap the More option:

and select the “Download All” option:

Once you are in the field, you can track your location and see the direction of your movement.

You can tap any of the planned pins and add/edit comments.

Or if you spotted anything that requires attention (anomaly or field boundary is incorrect), tap the Add New Pin button.

Type in your comments and tap the “Save” button to add a new pin to the Zones Map.

The pins that you add using your mobile device have a different icon as compared to the planned pins you add using the web application.

Once you have finished your work in the field and have added/edited pins, you will see a notification asking you to upload your changes to the server. Or, in a case when you work offline, you’ll be prompted to upload your changes once you’re connected to the network.

Tap “Send” to synchronize your changes with the server.

If you are close to an existing pin, and try to add a new pin, you will see the following message:

In that case, you can tap either “OK” to open the nearest pin, or “Cancel” to close the pop-up message.

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