47. Query: Get "ZonesMaps"

Query to get user "ZonesMaps". To implement pagination logic, use the query parameter pageSize. The filter works like AND condition, e.g. possible to filter by farmUuid, fieldUuid, vectorAnalysisMapUuid, labels, purpose, type, and withRatesOnly in the one query or use just one filter condition or use no condition.

Restrictions: filtering by purpose, type, and withRatesOnly works only in conjunction with fieldUuid. It is allowed to search zones maps by vectorAnalysisMapUuid single attribute.

There are lastEvaluatedKey and totalCount in response. The lastEvaluatedKey refers to the last processed record to match filter conditions. The totalCount - is the total number of records that match the filtering conditions.

query FilterZonesMapsSample {
    filter: {
      pageSize: 10
      fieldUuid: "<placeholder_of_field_uuid>"
      farmUuid: "<placeholder_of_farm_uuid>"
      purpose: SEEDING
      type: SATELLITE
      labels: ["id=field"]
      withRatesOnly: true
      vectorAnalysisMapUuid: "<placeholder_of_vectoranalysismap_uuid>"
) {
    zonesMaps {
      zonesMapGeojson(unit: ACRES)
    lastEvaluatedKey {

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