4. Upload Soil | AsApplied | Yield Datasets

The given diagram visually details the upload process for Soil, AsApplied, and Yield datasets within the GeoPard system.

The file upload occurs via S3 pre-signed URLs and is divided into two distinct steps: receiving pre-signed URL details (Request 1 or R1) and actual file upload (Request 2 or R2). This mechanism offers increased security and allows the upload of large files over 6MB.

The next stage involves listening to GraphQL subscriptions, specifically for INSERT and MODIFY events (Request 3 or R3). These events serve as notifications about the dataset processing statuses.

In the event of a processing failure or incomplete event delivery, the system provides a robust solution to restore the processing statuses. This can be achieved using a GraphQL query named getPlatformContext (Request 4 or R4).

Finally, the GeoPard API consumer can fetch all details of the uploaded dataset, which include attribute statistics, comprehensive attribute details, URLs and other rendering details, connections to utilized machinery, and others. This ensures a full spectrum of data available for a comprehensive understanding of the SoilDatasets (Request 5 or R5), AsAppliedDataset (Request 5 or R5), and YieldDataset (Request 5 or R5).

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