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GeoPard is making history by being the first company to automate the online creation of high-resolution 3D topography maps with their new 3D mapping tool. In just a few seconds, users can generate maps that contain and simplify the complex variability in the topography and relief data of a given area. GeoPard is continuing its mission to make such resources more accessible, and users do not need a powerful computer or specialized skills to produce and analyze these novel maps.

To create a 3D map select the field from the list, click the Create a Map top menu and select Create a 3D Map option.

  1. So select the data type to start with. The 3D mapping tool can be used with any base layer, including LIDAR topography, slopes, soil agrochemical properties, data from yield/as-applied/as-planted datasets, ground scanners, and even vegetation indices. Click Next.

  1. Then select a data source. Click Next.

  1. In the next step, any cover map like zones from yield, historical vegetation, organic matter, electrical conductivity, or pH distribution can be utilized on top of the base layer. Click Next.

After loading time you can see the map. It is important to say, that it is a live 3d model that works directly in the browser without any 3rd party programs or extensions installation. You can rotate, zoom in and zoom out, and change cover maps to understand fields better.

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