2. Connect to JohnDeere Operations Center

1. Connect to JD Operations Center

1.1 Customers of GeoPard Agriculture have an opportunity to establish a connection with John Deere Operations Center, which allows them to manage data together. The first step is to establish the connection, the user can do from Import from MyJohnDeere (https://app.geopard.tech/#/upload/from-my-john-deere) or Export to MyJohnDeere (https://app.geopard.tech/#/export/to-my-john-deere) tabs.

1.2 After clicking on the Connect to Account button, the user will be redirected to John Deere Operations Center. If the user was not authorized, then John Deere Operations Center will suggest doing it.

1.3 John Deere Operations Center will inform the user about a new connection. The user should click Allow Access to establish this connection between the GeoPard profile and the John Deere Operations Center profile.

1.4 After applying the connection, the user will be redirected to the GeoPard profile. If John Deere organization is disabled (name has grey color), then look at 2. Connecting GeoPard profile to John Deere organization section.

1.5 User should see the green status in John Deere Connections (https://connections.deere.com).

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