Uploading Files

Recommended to pre-signed URL approach to upload files over 6 Mb.

GeoPard API allows uploading zip archives with soil/yield/applied/boundary datasets for further processing and analytics.

As a technical limitation of the cloud provider AWS, the max file size to upload via this REST endpoint is 6 MB.

Uploading steps of files over 6 MB are described in Upload zip files (over 6 MB).

Right after the successful upload of the soil/yield/applied dataset, the GeoPard engine links it to the related fields located inside the defined farm.

Right after the successful upload of the boundary, the GeoPard engine initializes its processing.

The response contains <uuid> to track the processing status.

Request sample:

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.geopard.tech/upload?fileType=<type>&farmUuid=<farm_uuid>' \
--header 'Authorization: <token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/zip' \
--data-binary '@path/to/file.zip'

Where the parameters are:

  1. <type> - type of the uploaded dataset. It must be a yield OR soil OR applied OR boundary.

  2. <farm_uuid> - the uuid of the Farm where the file will be uploaded (Optional).

  3. <token> - GeoPard access token.

  4. @path/to/file.zip - the path to the uploaded file

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