Order Planet Scope (3m daily) imagery

In GeoPard it's very easy to download Planet images. Then a user can create Rx maps, scouting maps, and check vegetation based on them

Planet imagery

The user can order the Planet imagery right from the GeoPard User Interface in a field profile. (The feature should be activated for the user account previously.)

Video Tutorial

1. Go to the field profile page and click the Planet icon.

2. Choose the interested date range and Request.

3. At the right bottom corner you will see the processing status.

4. As soon as the images’ meta-data will be received from the Planet. The images’ statistics will appear in the Satellite Monitoring list.

5. The next step is to order the best-fit Planet satellite image. The conditions: β€œclear land % – 100β€œ.

6. Downloading from Planet is ongoing.

7. The Planet image is available for further analytics.

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