82. Query: Restore Subscription Events

There is always a good practice to have the possibility to restore/recheck the delivered vs produced subscription events. Therefore GeoPard stores the history of all produced subscription events for the last 12 months.

The common cases:

  • Bad internet connection and events were not delivered

  • Redeployment of the WebSocket listener

  • Check the consistency received vs produced events

  getPlatformEvents(input: {
    dateFrom: "2023-05-25T12:49:00.000Z", 
    dateTo: "2023-05-30T06:35:00.000Z", 
    userUuids: ["<placeholder_of_user_uuid>"]
    events {
      event {
        nodePath {

Supported input filters:

  • dateFrom as datetime in ISO 8701 format (ex: "2023-05-25T12:49:00.000Z")

  • dateTo as datetime in ISO 8701 format (ex: "2023-05-30T06:35:00.000Z")

  • farmUuids as array of "Farm" UUIDs to search

  • fieldUuids as array of "Field" UUIDs to search

  • userUuids as array of "User" UUIDs to search

  • eventUuids as array of subscription "Event" UUIDs

All filters work like logical AND.

Every subscription event has an attribute executionDate linked to the sent moment in the AWSDateTime format compatible with ISO 8601 DateTime.

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