QGIS: Calculate NDVI for the Drone Geotiff File

Sometimes you need to calculate the average NDVI for some polygon inside the field. You can do the following in a QGIS program.

1 - Visualize Initial Drone NDVI geotiff

2 - Create a new layer

3 - Setup layer name and geometry type, and press OK

4 - Select the layer in the Layers panel

  1. Select “Toggle Editing” (1)

  2. Select “Add Polygon Feature” (2)

5 - Draw a polygon. To finish drawing press the right mouse button and set “id” in the popup.

Finish the layer by pressing “Toggle Editing” again and press “Save”.

6 - Select Zonal statistics in the “Processing toolbox” panel.

7 - Select raster layer (1),

Select polygon layer (2),

Press “Run” (3).

8 - Select the layer in the Layers panel and press the right mouse button, in the context menu select Open Attribute Table.

9 - Calculated statistics will be shown in the table.

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