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Release Web July 2023

Introducing Release July 2023: This update brings a host of new features and improvements to GeoPard, including dataset grouping on the field page and enhanced legends for datasets and equations

Operations Log Page

[FTR] Display warnings into the success category, add the ignored category
[FTR] Split Operations by Entities
[FTR] Datasets grouping on the field page

Sum as Additional Statistical Derivative

[FTR] Enhance legends for datasets and equations maps: the sum is displayed in the Equation map Statistics, Yield Data, and As applied/As Planted Overviews

Other Technical Improvements

[FTR] Put not cleaned grouped datasets to end, add unit tests, update tooltips
[BUG] Fix retrieving using the Numpy flag for the Equation Map legend
[BUG] Update Satellite Images batch request error handling
[BUG] Fix placeholder links for the data layer tree