Release Web April 2022

Introducing Release April 2022: This update for GeoPard brings a range of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes to improve the overall user experience.

The release includes the addition of new zone map instruments, 3D map functionality improvements, virtualization for the satellites list, a homepage, and more. A series of bug fixes address issues related to zones, data boundaries, and the Undo/Redo functionality. Explore the full list of updates and improvements in this release below.

[FTR] Add new zone map instrument

[FTR] Add virtualization to the satellites list on the field page

[FTR] Homepage

[FTR][3D] 3D map save

[FTR][3D] IndexedDB for 3D maps

[FTR][3D] Store and show 3D visualizations

[FTR] 3D with MapBox

[FTR] Ability to delete a failed uploaded dataset

[DEV] Add Farm section to Help Tutorial

[FTR] All places - Make the field name a link

[DEV] DEMO farm analytics

[FTR] A person should be able to do any operations under shared to his farm

[DEV] Refactor zones map type selection page on zones-ops workflow

[DEV] User Registration Tutorial can be added to Help

[BUG] Canceled actions are detected in Undo/Redo

[BUG] Colors processing for completely merged zones

[BUG] Cross analyze - Can't uncheck selected zone map

[BUG] Data is shown out of the boundary

[BUG] Draw zone: Statistic overlay other panels on Change Polygon Color instrument

[BUG] Draw zones: Cancel instrument doesn't work

[BUG] Draw zones: Draw a polygon and make a hole instead of a zone

[BUG] Draw zones: incorrect view after split

[BUG] Draw/Modify Zone: Undo/Redo doesn't work for instruments

[BUG] Edit zones: Refresh banner is shown through changes that were canceled

[BUG] Modify Zones: Cancel doesn't work for any instrument

[BUG] Multi-layer analysis: Empty view when deleting the current layer

[BUG] No type for just created zone map

[BUG] Preserve zones order after modifications

[BUG] Redo doesn't work after Refresh

[BUG] Split instrument: Too bold line, space after finish

[BUG] Undo/Redo doesn't work after Save

[BUG] Undo/Redo/Refresh + table values recalculation

[BUG] Warning about the Not Supported region is shown only once.

[BUG] Zone map is not opened when navigating from the creation

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