Release Web April 2024

This release introduces new features and improvements to GeoPard, including batch generation of Equation Maps and enhanced layer transparency controls to improve user interaction with various assets.

Batch Execution of Equation Maps

The "Batch Analytics" feature enhances the existing Equation Maps module by enabling users to apply a single equation to multiple fields simultaneously, improving both the convenience and speed of generating Equation Maps.

The app automatically identifies the necessary datasets and attributes for each variable in your equation, ensuring accurate outcomes. Each generated map includes key statistics such as sum and average, and a comprehensive summary of all generated maps is provided at the bottom of the page for easy review.

Layer Transparency Controls

We've enhanced the layer control features to streamline the creation of Zones and Equation Maps. Now users can select an underlay layer during all map creation flows, including Clone, Equation-based, Single Layer, and others, as well as directly on the Field and Zones Map pages. This functionality, similar to what is available in the Draw Manually function, has been integrated to provide greater flexibility and precision.

Italian Language Support

We have expanded our language options to include Italian, enhancing accessibility for Italian-speaking users and providing a more localized experience across the web application.

Enhanced Layer Comparison

We've enhanced the Compare Layers feature to streamline your analytical workflow. Users can now select up to four layers simultaneously, using an interface similar to the Export PDF selection. To expedite analysis, the Origin view for Datasets and the Pixels view for Equation Maps are pre-selected by default.

Improved Navigation on Operations Log Page

We've refined the Operations Log page to improve your navigation experience. Now, when accessing logs, you are prompted to select a desired time range first. Only farms and fields with recorded events within this selected time frame will be displayed in the dropdown menus. This approach ensures that you only see relevant options, making your search more efficient and focused.

Streamlined Subscription Management for non-Stripe Users

To facilitate a smoother subscription management experience, we've updated the process for our users. Now, those who have not yet made payments via Stripe will be directed to our dedicated Subscription page when they click the "Manage My Plan" button in the sidebar. This allows for a straightforward initial subscription setup. Meanwhile, users who have previously completed payments through Stripe will continue to access the Stripe Customer Portal directly.

Guidance Update for Export to MyJohnDeere

We have updated the Export to MyJohnDeere popup to include a helpful explanation for users exporting field boundaries from GeoPard to John Deere for the first time. It is necessary to first create a "Client" label in GeoPard. This guidance is designed to clarify the procedure and assist you in setting up your exports correctly.

Flexible Subscription Payments with Stripe

We have introduced a new feature that allows you to use a different email address for Stripe payments than the one used to log into GeoPard. Now, you can log in with one email and seamlessly proceed to make subscription payments through Stripe with another email.

This update provides greater flexibility in managing subscriptions for multi-user setup. GeoPard experience in working within larger organizations with multi-user setup became smoother.

Improved Notification Handling for PDF Report Creation

We've refined the notification system to enhance the user interface during PDF report generation. Now, when a user initiates the creation of a PDF report, an informational message will appear in the bottom right of the screen. Once the report is successfully generated, a success message will display, and the original informational message will automatically disappear. This update reduces screen clutter and ensures a cleaner and more efficient user experience.

Additional Enhancements and Fixes

  • Unique Email Display for Farm Users

  • Preserve Photo Integrity in Previews

  • Improved Satellite Filter Readability

  • Refined Error Handling for Satellite Images

  • Enhanced Typing for Product Units

  • Updated Sentry SDK for Enhanced Errors Monitoring

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