Release Web November 2023

This release brings a host of new features and improvements to GeoPard, including Secure Payments with Stripe, Improved Bug Reporting and Feedback Mechanisms, Map Drawing Upgrade and much more.

Subscription Management with Stripe

The GeoPard team is pleased to share some improvements we've made to enhance your subscription experience in our app:

  • Streamlined Subscription Process. After registering and logging in, GeoPard users now be directed to a straightforward subscription page.

  • Secure Payments with Stripe. We've integrated Stripe's Pricing Table and Customer Portal for a secure and seamless payment process. Choose your preferred package and complete your payment with ease.

  • Effortless Plan Management. Manage and update your plans easily through our new "Manage My Plan" sidebar item.

Bug Reporting

The GeoPard team is pleased to introduce a significant improvement in our app's functionality, focusing on bug reporting and user feedback mechanisms. This update aims to enhance user satisfaction by simplifying the process of reporting issues and providing feedback directly within the app. These changes also enable our development team to address and resolve issues more efficiently, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for all users.

Map Drawing: Clone Polygons

The GeoPard team has enhanced its map drawing capabilities by introducing a convenient new feature that enables users to copy polygons from other layers in a few clicks. In the manual drawing flow, you'll now find a "Clone Polygons" button. Clicking this button opens a popup where you can choose from Vector Analysis Maps, Soil, Yield, or As Applied datasets. Upon cloning, the polygons will be seamlessly copied to your zone map.

Enhanced Data Layers Filtering

The GeoPard team is pleased to roll out improved filtering capabilities for asset groups within the field's data layers tree. GeoPard users can now effortlessly filter Soil Data, Yield Data, As Applied/As Planted, Topography, and 3D Map groups using two convenient controls: Search by Name and Search by Creation Date. This update establishes consistency in our interface by aligning with the filtering functionality already present in other groups like Equation Maps, Vector Analysis Maps, and Satellite Images. It aims to significantly improve the user experience when managing and navigating through different data layers.

Account Limits Management

The GeoPard team has implemented significant enhancements to streamline the field creation and import procedures, focusing on keeping users informed about their account limits. Now, the system proactively checks if the total field area exceeds the account's hectare/acre limit during the import from John Deere or the usual file upload process. GeoPard users will receive notifications if a potential import is likely to surpass these limits. If you're approaching your account's hectare/acre capacity, we'll recommend considering a larger subscription plan that accommodates a greater area. This update aims to provide a clearer understanding and better management of your account's capacity, enhancing your overall experience.

Improved Yield Calibration Interface

The GeoPard team has refined how GeoPard users handle your yield datasets with an updated recommendation for the most efficient cleaning and calibration process. Our interface now clearly guides you, indicating the preferred 'Clean & Calibrate' sequence. While 'Clean & Calibrate' is the recommended option, the alternative 'Calibrate & Clean' remains available for advanced user needs. This update simplifies decision-making, ensuring optimal results in dataset management.

Other Enhancements

  • Streamlined Editing: Undo/Redo Buttons Disabled. To make Zone Map editing smoother, the GeoPard team disabled the Undo and Redo buttons while using editing tools like Split, Draw, Merge, or Change Polygon Color. This ensures an uninterrupted and intuitive creative process.

  • Flexible Yield Parameters. Specify minimum or maximum yield parameters easily, providing GeoPard users with enhanced flexibility for a streamlined process.

  • Wider Map Popups for Easy Interaction. Increased popup width ensures a more organized and user-friendly interface for adding data layers, selecting variables, changing background layers, and cloning polygons.

  • Sleeker Operations Log Loading on Homepage. Enjoy a visually appealing and sleek loading experience for the Operations Log widget on the Homepage.

  • User-Friendly Sidebar Expansion. For new GeoPard users, the Sidebar is now expanded by default upon logging in, making it simple to identify and access all available pages. GeoPard users can still manually hide the menu for a more streamlined view.

  • Expanded Product Units Options: USD/m2 and EUR/m2 Units. The GeoPard team is excited to introduce an update that expands unit options when creating equations. Users can now select USD/m2 and EUR/m2 as units of measurement, providing greater flexibility and precision in financial calculations. This enhancement caters to a wider range of user needs and preferences in different regions.

Other Technical Improvements

[BUG] Fix the provision of parameters from the first Yield Calibration flow step

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