Release Web January 2024

This release brings a host of new features and improvements to GeoPard, including infinite scroll tables, map creation, dataset management, enhanced date display consistency, and much more.

Streamlined Viewing: Introducing Infinite Scroll Tables

The GeoPard team is excited to announce a significant update to enhance your viewing experience of fields and zone maps. We've transitioned from pagination to infinite scroll tables on the Fields and Zones Maps pages, allowing GeoPard users to seamlessly access both their own and shared items. Rest assured, all existing filters on these pages will continue to function as before. This update also extends to various other pages and tables within the application, maintaining the intuitive and user-friendly interface our users value.

Map Creation: "Use Interpolated" Is Enabled By Default

The GeoPard team has addressed and resolved an issue where users encountered errors stating "Not possible to execute the analytics..." and "Cause: Error," which previously prevented the creation of Single-Layer Maps. This fix ensures that when selecting the field within the farm and proceeding through the Single-Layer Map creation process, the analysis now runs successfully without errors. GeoPard users can now enjoy a smoother, uninterrupted experience when generating Single-layer maps from their soil data.

Map Creation: Increased Polygon Area Limits

GeoPard has expanded the capabilities of Zone Map creation by increasing the minimum polygon area limit to 100,000 square meters.

Dataset Management: Sort by Operation Start Date or Name

Soil, yield, and as-applied data are now sorted by Operation Start Date in descending order, providing users with a clearer view of their data. For datasets lacking an Operation Start Date, they will be sorted alphabetically in descending order.

Enhanced Date Display Consistency

This enhancement aims to improve readability and ensure consistency of date formats throughout the application. Going forward, dates will be presented in the "Oct 06 2023" format, replacing the previous "06/10/2023" style.

Dataset Tracking: Clear Status Updates for John Deere Imports

Users now can seamlessly track their imported datasets from John Deere within the GeoPard system. The Operations Log page has been refined to provide clear status updates on the processing of these datasets. Specifically, users will be informed about events indicating the dataset's readiness status on the John Deere side.

Simplified Equation Map Creation

The GeoPard team is streamlining the equation map creation process by removing the "Grid" step. Now, grid size controls are conveniently located in the "Result" step, simplifying the workflow and enhancing the user experience.

Improved Fields Visibility On Map View

We're thrilled to announce an update that enhances the visibility of fields on the map during the downloading process. With this improvement, fields from completed batched requests will now be displayed on the map immediately as boundaries are downloaded. This enhancement will be particularly noticeable for large accounts, providing users with a more seamless experience.

Furthermore, the presence of errors in parts of field data will no longer impede the downloading process.

Simplified Time-Range Selection in Ops Log

With this update, selecting a custom date range is now more intuitive as we've simplified the process by removing the hours and minutes inputs. Users can now conveniently select only the day for their desired time range. Additionally, we've expanded the default maximum span from 2 days to 3 days.

Improved Navigation with Collapsed Sidebar Tooltips

When the sidebar is collapsed, hovering over any sidebar menu item will display a tooltip, making it easier for GeoPard users to identify each function at a glance.

Improved Notification System

From now notifications are conveniently located in the bottom right corner of the page. This update ensures that notifications are non-intrusive yet easily accessible, especially during processes like creating maps, exporting data, and generating PDFs, allowing GeoPard users to stay informed without disrupting their workflow.

Enhanced Password Recovery Guidance

Based on the user feedback, we've enhanced the password recovery process to provide clearer guidance. Now, when initiating password recovery, users will encounter an additional message clarifying that only accounts created with email and password are eligible for password reset. This excludes accounts created via custom methods such as MyJohnDeere account, Microsoft Active Directory, or others.

Other technical improvements:

[BUG] Fix login after password reset

[BUG] Fix styles for infinite table row selection

[BUG] Keep creating analysis uuid when going to the Settings step

[BUG] Fix subscription poller

[BUG] Fix equation maps creation without product units

[BUG] Ignore huge field labels list in Map View

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