Export to MyJohnDeere

Customers of GeoPard have an opportunity to export data (Rx VRA prescriptions or other data layers) from GeoPard to John Deere Operations Center.

You can export the datasets via the Export Data menu item. Select To MyJohnDeere.

  1. You should select a destination organization that GeoPard will use to upload files. If a correct organization is not available, then you should go to Here you can change the organization's link and add them. If the John Deere organization is disabled (the name has grey color), then add access in John Deere Operations Center. Click Next.

  1. You should select assets that GeoPard will upload to the John Deere Operations Center. There is an opportunity to filter assets. When all assets are selected, you can upload all assets by clicking on the Export All button or you can upload single assets by clicking on the Export button.

After clicking, you see a message about the result of the operation. Then you should see the result in John Deere Operations Center.

Export Equations

Now it is possible to download the Equation Map with data unioned in MultiPolygons by its value. The Equation Map with few rates is exported like:

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