Case: Managing fields for several clients

You can configure the mentioned hierarchy in two ways:

  1. Manual way: create all labels (key-value pairs) manually using the interface and assign them using bulk operation. Click the Edit Fields button and select the fields, for which you want to assign a label, and then click Add Labels button to assign the selected labels and then click the Finish Editing button to quit edit mode.

  2. Automatically: upload the field boundaries with .shp and .dbf together, .dbf contains the attributes with the hierarchy details.

Click Upload in the left menu, select the farm where the boundaries will be uploaded, select the .dbf file, and click the Upload button.

Wait for the confirmation dialog to see that the boundaries were uploaded successfully:

If the .dbf file contained the labels, you will see them on the Fields view:

To filter the field list, you can use the created labels – click the filter and select β€˜Client Name’ -> β€˜John Smith’ – to display only the fields for your client John Smith:

Keep in mind that you can apply multiple filter criteria based on the labels you created:

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