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Introducing Release October2022: This update brings improvements to the Adapt framework, focusing on enhanced support for ag equipment data parsing, user interface refinements, and bug fixes.

Key changes include setting 'pixels' view as default, supporting additional units, and addressing various issues related to JohnDeere integration. The update also addresses numerous bugs and enhances the overall user experience. Browse the comprehensive list of updates and improvements in this release below.

[FTR] 'pixels' view as default

[ADAPT] Automated Tests

[ADAPT] Metadata.json

[ADAPT] Improvements

[FTR] Credits Usage tab - Move the current user to the top of the list in the accounts dropdown

[FTR] Add the French language to the frontend

[FTR] Add RVI index to equation attributes list

[FTR] Additional Units for localization

[FTR] Block the ability to add an Admin user to other organizations as a user/advisor

[FTR] Change title for unsaved change for border editing on field page

[FTR] Help: Edit Boundary

[FTR] Help: Planet section

[FTR] Help: Update screens with filters

[FTR] Import JohnDeereL/DAT/2020/ISOXML files from UI

[FTR] JohnDeere: Adjust export Rx file name.

[FTR] Map vector dataset to the field boundary (complete overlap)

[FTR] JohnDeere: do default order from normal to an invalid field in the import tab

[FTR] JohnDeere: export to myJohnDeere

[FTR] JohnDeere: Intersections Zones in JohnDeere as MapLayer

[FTR] JohnDeere: Colors of Map Layer

[FTR] JohnDeere: Implement a process of synchronization Topography Map Layers from Geopard to JohnDeere

[FTR] JohnDeere: Prepare the structure of Map Layers for the JohnDeere account

[FTR] JohnDeere: Update UX to work with Map Layers

[FTR] JohnDeere: Update tutorials

[FTR] JohnDeere: Add Soil Map layers into John Deere Map Layers

[FTR] JohnDeere: Equation map

[FTR] JohnDeere: Export: Equation map

[FTR] JohnDeere: Field Operations encoding issue

[FTR] Rename β€˜note’ to β€˜pin’ application-wide

[FTR] Rework indexes control to show information about the unit and the full name of the index

[FTR] While Uploading dataset process % correctly

[FTR] Add FullAttributes description with units for Topography

[FTR] A JohnDeere Dealer has hundreds of organizations, you need to do a search by organization name and pagination on the screen sorted alphabetically, and not all

[DEV] Add full attributes processing

[DEV] Import: details of requests

[DEV] JohnDeere: refactoring of the integration

[FTR] Units & UserFriendlyNames in Machinery datasets

[DEV] Move to the newest geospatial analytics libs in docker images

[DEV] Add B11 sentinel (SWIR) to the set of images, it is needed to calculate the Normalized Difference Moisture Index (NDMI).

[DEV] Move to python 3.6 lambda

[DEV] Recheck shortName for ENMAP (thumbnail_pixels and _zones) [DEV] Redux toolkit + Features structure

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Upload Files

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Create Field

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Export Data

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Field Profiler

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: labels

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: notifications

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: planSubscription

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: popups

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: smartSampling

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: subscriptions

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Zones Map

[DEV] Feature files structure + redux toolkit: Zones Maps

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: cloneZonesMap

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: compare layers

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: Create 3D

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: drawManually workflow [DEV] features file structure + redux toolkit: pins

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: pricing plans

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: user data pages

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: zonesOps

[DEV] Feature file structure + redux toolkit: zonesOps workflows

[DEV] Move brand-related text and links to the config

[DEV] Move redirected from to URL

[DEV] Refactor JohnDeere reducer

[DEV] S2 mask in California lost origin CRS projection

[BUG] Soil raw data error - some attributes are not shown

[BUG] Subscriptions are broken on the field page

[DEV] Support Additional Units

[BUG] Unable to create another 3d map

[DEV] In the dataset with yield data, when rendering immediately after loading, it did not show \"correct human\" attribute names + units

[DEV] Move to the custom login/registration page

[DEV] Rename special characters in attributes

[DEV] Sentinel tiles type 10*** put down the projection for the cloud mask

[BUG] JohnDeere: Status should be changed to Imported when the success message appears

[BUG] Clone process breaks other zones/equation triggering flows

[BUG] 'Something went wrong' appears when working on the Farms page [BUG] A field is deleted after editing its boundaries and finishing editing [BUG] add a user to the organization doesn't work

[BUG] Can't change password

[BUG] Can't save rates

[BUG] Case-sensitive username in the login

[BUG] Completed pin is not shown as completed until the refresh

[BUG] Constant loading for any operations with labels

[BUG] Constant loading on the Rates tab

[BUG] Constant loading when uploading border

[BUG] Create drawn zone map - Zones lose color after split

[BUG] Create Zone Map - 2 loading icons

[BUG] Custom Login: Empty page when login as unconfirmed user [BUG] Custom Login - No validation for the phone as it's an optional field [Bug] Custom Login - Spaces should not be allowed

[BUG] Disable checkbox if Export to JohnDeere is selected

[BUG] Edit border - Error for saving no changes

[BUG] Error for creation of cross analyze on imported form JohnDeere field

[BUG] Error for farm renaming

[BUG] Error for saving Rates

[BUG] Error for search with no results

[BUG] Error on create analyze when rename+Finish

[BUG] Error when uploading soil/yields/as applied

[BUG] Extra H letter

[BUG] When we get empty arrays from JohnDeere - a screen where nothing can be done

[BUG] JohnDeere: No selected fields but Import is active [BUG] Lists - Open in a new tab any field/zone map link opens the list, not the field profile

[BUG] Loading is finished but a popup appears [BUG] Login text/button is shown on the SignUp page

[BUG] Multi-layer zoning - please check data visualizations - 2nd and later layers tabs are not visualized for Β±1 month [BUG] no cropped geo maps returned for L9 satellite images

[BUG] No error for failed analyzes

[BUG] No logout when clicking on reset password for logged-in user

[BUG] No warning message when canceling a field editing without saving changes

[BUG] No warning when attempting to reset the password for a non-confirmed user

[BUG] Remove hor. scroll in export to JohnDeere popup

[BUG] See machinery success message while Yield uploading is in progress

[BUG] Stop sharing farm works incorrectly

[BUG] Unable to request new package for existing user [BUG] Upload failed when trying to upload a field boundary

[BUG] Zone Map - Images dates should be sorted

[BUG] for Landsat 9 images, the crop field tool disappears when trying to use it

[BUG] if you log in to a new account on a dev account (new login form), then inside the field list page you can see farms from the previous account (from where you logged out)

[BUG] end of flow with the creation of zones/equations

[BUG] lost topography source

[BUG] when drawing the border, the selected farm was reset for me

[BUG] created 3 equation maps on Virgo, got only one as a result

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