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Release Web January 2023

We're excited to present Release January 2023: This update focuses on enhancing GeoPard's integration with John Deere, speeding up satellite image rendering, and improving data compatibility.
[FTR] Show shared fields and fields border on the map view
[FTR] Change the name of the JohnDeere archive
[FTR] Client from JohnDeere set as label
[FTR] JohnDeere: Make one zip for one shp
[FTR] Add the link to the blog about GeoPard Import & Export data compatibility
[FTR] Publish raster granules: speed up performance
[FTR] GeoPard<>JohnDeere<>Climate - import by subscription - backend (add logic to be-lambda-vendor-integration to add/remove subscription)
[FTR] GeoPard<>JohnDeere<>Climate: import datasets by subscription
[FTR] JohnDeere: Connected Data Subscription Service (WebHook)
[FTR] Legend for contrast view
[FTR] Limit list of labels in fields list and zones list tables
[FTR] Release the latest changes to a client White label dev environment
[FTR] Satellite contrast image control
[FTR] SatImage filter: show or hide duplicated images
[FTR] Use full attributes for topography
[FTR] Use labels from the parent organizations owner account to search fields
[DEV] Refactor features for better Whitelabel support
[DEV] Refactor webpack configuration file
[DEV] Handle "force change password" status
[DEV] Navigation issues on Prod
[DEV] Remove AbortController from UploadDataSlice state
[DEV] Remove farm select from asset upload tabs
[DEV] Remove VAMAP with ERROR Status
[DEV] Shared Fields Display test
[BUG] Remove 'стерлингов' from the name of the mass measure
[BUG] Planet image order failed
[BUG] Planet image ordered last week - not visualized
[BUG] Planet Scope rendering of the images ISSUES
[BUG] Field is not shown after the Yield data upload
[BUG] Cannot read properties error appears when navigating to the second page of the Zones Maps table
[BUG] 'ac' units instead of 'акр' for DeltaArea parameter for RU and UKR locals
[BUG] 3d map can't be created for a particular field
[BUG] 3d map is not rendered Info acc
[BUG] A page with available zones analysis is not loaded when cloning a zone map
[BUG] After "Recommended images" is clicked new imagery is not rendered
[BUG] App crashes if go from mapView during legend loading
[BUG] Attribute is not selected automatically while creating a zone map
[BUG] Can't create Equation based analysis
[BUG] Change sorting comparator for dataset attributes
[BUG] Error when adding a pin with a photo on a Zones Map
[BUG] Error when making a Cross-layer analysis
[BUG] Export source data as GeoTIFF as GEOJSON postfix in the name of the file
[BUG] Extra characters <0> in the text when exporting files to JohnDeere in RU and UKR locals
[BUG] Field selection is not available on the Zones Map page
[BUG] Fix errors in the console after the Field legend opens
[BUG] FullAttributes mapping for cut attributes case
[BUG] Investigate autosuggest issues on the login page
[BUG] It's not possible to renew the subscription from UI
[BUG] Logging via Google does not work on Dev
[BUG] Minified React error and Oops error on UI when opening the "Exports >> To My JohnDeere" page in Nederlands local
[BUG] Multi-layer analytics, wrap list of images. Weight should be visible
[BUG] Multiple farm name results in the search field
[BUG] Multiple label display on the Manage Labels popup
[BUG] Not all files are exported to JohnDeere when using multi export
[BUG] Not possible to add a new pin on a map
[BUG] Not possible to save changes made in a zones map - no Save button
[BUG] Order Planet Fails
[BUG] Overlap of polygons in zones
[BUG] Pins are not saved on the Desktop (both Dev and Prod)
[BUG] Resource Not found error after planet images were ordered
[BUG] Select image controls do not work while cloning a map
[BUG] Shared fields are not shown on the map
[BUG] Topography images are not displayed showing an error in the Console
[BUG] Unable to connect JohnDeere account from WL JohnDeere
[BUG] User can see fields of farms not shared with him
[BUG] Valid field is not opened after Field in the Unsupported region clicked
[BUG] Zones and Pixels do not show data on the Equation map