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This release brings a host of new features and improvements to GeoPard, including improved Yield Calibration options, Export Equation Maps as ISOXML, enhanced PDF Export and John Deere Integration.

Improved Yield Calibration Options

The GeoPard team is excited to introduce an upgraded Yield Calibration feature to provide a more personalized and efficient experience. With these enhancements, users can now fine-tune the Yield attributes using three methods:

Pathwise Calibration

Pathwise calibration aligns with the machine's tracks, treating each machine track as a distinct region for calibration. It's the recommended standard approach suggested by the GeoPard team.

Average/Total Calibration

This method focuses on redistributing attribute values. When the geospatial patterns are accurate, but the absolute figures deviate from the actual values, Average/Total calibration can be beneficial. For optimal results, consider combining it with Pathwise calibration: begin with Pathwise and then adjust to known Average/Total values.

Conditional Calibration

Conditional Calibration allows users to adjust attribute values based on the specified minimum and maximum thresholds. This method is particularly valuable when geospatial patterns are precise, but value distribution needs fine-tuning, especially when known minimum and maximum values are available. For the best outcomes, the GeoPard team recommends pairing it with Pathwise calibration: start with Pathwise and make adjustments to align with known minimum and maximum values.

The GeoPard team is dedicated to providing our customers with powerful tools to enhance their tasks, and these calibration options are designed to make the experience even more efficient and accurate. We at GeoPard are open to feedback!

Getting Started with GeoPard

The GeoPard team has recently added a checklist feature along with small educational tours specifically designed for new users who are looking to explore the GeoPard software for the first time. With this integration, users can now go through a step-by-step checklist that includes various tasks such as creating a farm, uploading field boundaries, drawing a field, viewing satellite images, and exploring topography. These tours provide a hands-on experience and help users familiarize themselves with the different functionalities of GeoPard in a user-friendly manner. So, whether a user is a beginner or just looking to brush up on user skills, these educational tours and checklists are here to guide users through the software and make the journey smoother. It's a great way to dive into GeoPard and get the most out of it.

Export Equation Maps as ISOXML

The GeoPard team is excited to announce a new feature that streamlines user data management: the ability to export the Equation Map in ISOXML format directly from the web application. With a simple click of the new export button, a user can now download an Equation Map as an ISOXML archive, making it easier to integrate and utilize the data across compatible systems.

Enhanced PDF Export

The Export PDF functionality has been upgraded to provide GeoPard users with finer control over the exported data. Users can now choose specific attributes from Soil, Yield, AsApplied, and Topography datasets to include in the PDF report. This customization ensures that the user PDF contains only the attributes that are relevant to user needs, offering a more tailored and precise report.

Enhanced Data Filtering

The GeoPard team is excited to introduce an enhanced asset filtering experience in the web application. This latest update enhances the filtering capabilities for various assets, including ZonesMaps, Satellite Imagery, EquationMaps including Scouting & Sampling Pins.

This update also marks the introduction of brand-new filters for Equation Maps. This feature allows users to seamlessly sort their assets by name or creation date, making asset management even more user-friendly.

Enhanced John Deere Integration

The GeoPard team has improved the integration with the John Deere Operations Center, allowing users to effortlessly select and send multiple fields to the Operations Center while preserving the Organization/Client/Farm/Field structure from Field labels. To ensure a seamless process and prevent data conflicts, the GeoPard team recommends disabling the auto-updating of Field boundaries in GeoPard before making changes and then proceeding with the export to John Deere with the updated structure.

Improved Keyboard Navigation for Enhanced Accessibility

The GeoPard team has committed to making our app more accessible for all users, and with the latest update, the technical team has enhanced keyboard navigation throughout the app. Keyboard shortcuts for navigation:

  • Tab: Move forward through interactive elements

  • Shift + Tab: Move backward through interactive elements

  • Arrow keys (Up, Down): Navigate within radio groups or dropdowns

  • Arrow keys (Left, Right): Navigate within tabs

  • Enter: Activate/submit/click the currently selected element

  • Spacebar: Select/deselect the checkbox, switch the element

John Deere API Notification and Status Monitoring

The GeoPard system now keeps its users informed with notifications if there's ever an interruption with the John Deere API connection, ensuring users are always aware of their sync status. Should the John Deere API become unavailable or if the profile gets disconnected, users will receive an alert, and the affected John Deere functionalities, including integration and data export/import, will be temporarily disabled for convenience. Plus, the last disconnect date and time are now displayed on the John Deere integration, keeping GeoPard users fully in the loop.

Streamlined Management Zone Creation Defaults

In GeoPard's ongoing efforts to enhance the creation of Management Zones, the technical team has updated default settings to make the user experience even more efficient. When a user initiates the creation process, the user will now find the number of zones preset to 5, with the "Equal Count" method applied, and a minimum polygon area of 1000m². These default settings are designed to optimize zone distribution, providing a solid starting point that can be easily customized to meet user specific needs. This flexibility ensures a seamless experience for all types of Management Zones.

Persistent Custom Zones/Equation Map Names

The GeoPard team has updated the creation flow for Multi-layer Zones Maps, Equation Maps, and 3D Maps to better respect user input. Now, when a user assigns a custom name to the map, it will remain unchanged throughout the creation process, even if the user navigates back to adjust parameters. The Title is now a required input, ensuring user work always carries the name the user has chosen, free from default overrides.

Enhanced Equation Map Legend

The GeoPard team is introducing enhancements to provide more detailed information in Equation Map legends, improving data clarity throughout the user experience. Within the Variables section, dataset names are now clickable links that open the dataset in a new tab for user convenience. Icons are displayed alongside each name, indicating the number of geometries and coverage area, aligning with the functionality found in the assets tree. Hovering over a dataset name triggers a popup with a dataset thumbnail and legend for quick reference. These improvements have also been extended to Multi-Layer Zones Maps, ensuring a consistent and informative experience across our platform.

Improved Satellite Imagery Retrieval

Now the GeoPard system accurately fetches the intended satellite images from the API. This fix guarantees that the satellite images, even duplicated ones, used in the Zones Maps are properly displayed in the legend, eliminating errors like "Invalid Date" or missing images.

User Interface Enhancements

In the October Release, the GeoPard team has introduced several user interface enhancements to make user experience even more seamless:

Upload Files Progress Icon

The GeoPard team has added a moving spinner that's visible during file uploads, providing a clear indication of the upload progress until it's completed.

Unified Export/Import Icons

The GeoPard team has refreshed the updated, clear icons on the Sidebar and Edit Fields panel, improving the overall look and enhancing user experience. Look out for sleek new icons for Import and Export Data on the Sidebar, as well as more intuitive icons for actions like Delete Fields and Remove Labels on the Edit Fields panel. The technical team has also enhanced the icons for asset menu items on the Field page for better visibility and navigation.

Non-blocking PDF Report Processing

The GeoPard team has made sure that the user interface remains interactive even as PDF reports are being generated. This means no more waiting around for processing notifications to clear, allowing users to continue working uninterrupted.

Wider Assets Panel

To improve readability on the Field page, the GeoPard team has increased the width of the assets panel. This wider view provides a more comfortable browsing experience, ensuring users can easily read and manage user assets.

Simplified Manual Zones Map Creation

The GeoPard team has streamlined the manual zones map creation process by removing the final 'Rates' step and making 'Draw' the last stage in the flow. Now, when a user clicks "Finish" after drawing zones, a prompt will appear for the user to name the map. Once saved, a popup will guide the user on the next steps, ensuring a smoother and more precise zone management experience.

Other Technical Improvements

[BUG] Add missing operation type for drawn Zones Maps

[BUG] Reset 3D map shape on dataset changing

[BUG] Add purpose-unit mapping for export equation map as IsoXml

[BUG] Fix Include Min value checkbox on calibration popup

[BUG] Send smooth window size as a yield calibration param

[BUG] Fixed icon view in zones map list filter

[BUG] Enter key does not trigger a checkbox state change

[BUG] Handle datasets without statistics in Clean & Calibrate popup

[BUG] Preserve PDF processing notification after navigation from the Field page

[BUG] Replace link with button

[BUG] Show not found screen if the field url is incorrect

[BUG] Fix drawer notification for JD errors

[BUG] Request sat image if it was not loaded automatically

[BUG] Update sat images request retry condition

[BUG] Fix loader on fields page

[BUG] Skip field labels if the list is large

[BUG] Fix the Contact Us link on the Subscription page

[BUG] Fix empty equation map legend

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