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Release Web May 2023

Introducing Release May 2023: This update brings a host of new features and improvements to GeoPard, including enhanced John Deere integration with added analytics, smoother data import workflow
[FTR] Add analytics to JohnDeere import workflow to estimate UI intelligibility
[FTR] Add button to delete connection with JD
[FTR] Add button to export field boundary to MyJohnDeere as File
[FTR] Add a checkbox to manage the import of all field operations or only for sync fields
[FTR] Add a checkbox to manage update field boundaries for sync fields
[FTR] Login with the JohnDeere button
[FTR] Field Profile assets are sorted in alphanumerical order
[BUG] Blank Polygon in Zones
[FTR] Update detailed statistics for satellite images
[FTR] Change export postfix to _GP
[FTR] Add a possibility to compare the same dataset several times
[FTR] Display the name of the connected JohnDeere account
[FTR] Download Original Yield/Soil/AsApplied data as GeoJSON
[FTR] Enhance the display of cloudless Satellite Images
[FTR] Increase Yield zip file limit size
[FTR] JohnDeere: Add email/username to the integration tab
[FTR] JohnDeere: config to manage auto-create Map Layers(Zones Map, Soil Map, Topography Map, Equation Map)
[FTR] JohnDeere: make JohnDeere import more async
[FTR] JohnDeere: Map Layer Satellite Imagery
[FTR] JohnDeere: upgrade subscriptions
[FTR] JohnDeere integration: rethink field boundaries subscription section
[BUG] JphnDeere Ops Center: Soil data rendered not correct
[FTR] Make a selected on-a-map attribute pre-selected when adding the map to compare layers
[FTR] Merge duplicated (email, social networks) users in a single Cognito entity
[FTR] Operations Log page v1
[BUG] Processing 300+ha fields
[FTR] Quick start panel for JohnDeere accounts
[BUG] RAM Memory Leak during upload of shapefile with Soil/Yield/AsApplied data
[FTR] Rework satellite images request mechanism
[FTR] Show detailed statistics for SatelliteImage
[FTR] Show statistics for Soil/Yield/AsApplied
[BUG] Soil/Yield/AsApplied Datasets are not shown if there are 40+ operations
[FTR] Statistics and % of cloudiness display for part-cloud images
[BUG] Translation - Keep Planet Planet in all languages (name of commercial satellites)
[FTR] UI ticket for Download Original Yield/Soil/AsApplied data as GeoJSON
[FTR] Update help link
[FTR] Update JohnDeere SSO button styles
[FTR] Update Map Layers subscription feature description
[BUG] Работа с дубликатами Soil/Yield/AsApplied данных
[BUG] /user/subscription page is broken for the TRIAL pricing plan
[BUG] \"Add Data Layer\" button is not fully displayed on the \"Data Layers\" popup
[BUG] \"OOPS, SOMETHING WENT WRONG!\" error when opening the Farms page
[BUG] \"Oops, something went wrong\" on the Subscription page for a particular client
[BUG] 3d map not created
[BUG] 400 error when exporting Zones Maps to JohnDeere from the zone map page as Export Zones to MyJohnDeere Ops Center
[BUG] 400 while making an export to JohnDeere of a zone map
[BUG] A User with an overdue subscription cannot get to the \"Subscription to a pricing plan\" page
[BUG] Admin does not see himself in the Account column of the Operations Breakdown table
[BUG] Analytics cannot be generated for a big field
[BUG] Broken layout of the button in the Ukrainian language
[BUG] Cannot read properties error in the Console when ckickin on the \"Add Data Layer\" button
[BUG] Can't create 3d map for a 444 ha field
[BUG] Change UI name element for RU and UKR locales
[BUG] Click on pin cause zone selection
[BUG] Cloudless sat image without NDVI / statistics
[BUG] Credits - Shown user account
[BUG] Data Layers are already pre-selected in a new comparison if the user did not cancel a previous comparison but just navigated to another place
[BUG] Dataset cannot be unloaded in isoxml
[BUG] Detailed Statistics is not displayed for Soil/Yield data for a particular field
[BUG] Docker GDAL Layer v0.1.6 produces an error for Generate Analysis lambdas in Soil/Yield/AsApplied cleansing
[BUG] Existing Scouting point with new photo added is not saved
[BUG] Export to MyJohnDeere as Maps Layers for Satellite images is displayed while connection to JohnDeere is disconnected
[BUG] Filters panel is displayed in the wrong place on the Data Layers popup
[BUG] Fix track action operation and customer balance changing
[BUG] Incorrect time display on the Home page on the \"Operations in the last day\" section
[BUG] Incorrect zones map legend placement
[BUG] Infinite loading on incorrect field URL
[BUG] JohnDeere: not all organizations' names displayed in the Subscription tab
[BUG] Localisation: Operations page and the Home page (partially) do not support languages different from English
[BUG] Localisation: source/original data
[BUG] Localisation: wrong translation on the detail statistics window
[BUG] lost some polygons in zones
[BUG] Navigation arrows became disabled on the \"Zones Maps\" page
[BUG] No possibility to assign rates to a zone map of the \"drawn\" type
[BUG] Not consistent translation in UA
[BUG] Opening a field of a not supported region leads to the 'THERE IS NOTHING HERE' page
[BUG] Order Planet imagery doesn't work - Oops smth went wrong
[BUG] Planet rendering
[BUG] Plans fetch mechanism refactoring
[BUG] Red-green legend instead of brown
[BUG] Refactor ResizeObserver usage to prevent error reporting
[BUG] Soil dataset upload: Self-Intersection in SHP
[BUG] The buffer parameter is not applied when exporting source data
[BUG] There are no NDVI calculated values from Landsat for some fields
[BUG] UI is not updated when the user disconnects the JohnDeere integration
[BUG] Unable to create zones map with rates
[BUG] Unable to filter events with CollectedFromJohnDeere status
[BUG] User that has registered in GeoPard via Google cannot log in to GeoPard via JohnDeere SSO
[BUG] Written 'Fields' in the paging section for organizations on the 'Import from MyJohnDeere' page
[BUG] Yield data load stuck
[BUG] Zones map Info does not load