Release Web February 2024

This release brings new features and improvements to pricing of GeoPard, including unit of measure selection and to GeoPard´s subscription management.

Pricing: Unit of Measure Selection

The GeoPard team is thrilled to introduce a new feature that brings added flexibility to our pricing table. With this update, GeoPard users can now seamlessly switch between hectares and acres, empowering them to select the unit of measurement that aligns with their preferences. This enhancement aims to provide a more tailored experience, ensuring our users have the freedom to choose what works best for them.

Pricing: Subscription Management

Understanding the value of a seamless subscription renewal process, we've fine-tuned our system to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted access to GeoPard. Now, if you're an existing user who hasn't used Stripe for payments yet, you'll find that the "Manage My Plan" button conveniently takes you straight to the Plan Subscription page, simplifying your renewal process. If you're already accustomed to using Stripe for payments, rest assured, that the "Manage My Plan" button will guide you to the Stripe Customer Portal.

Dev improvements:

[FTR] Fix labels section expanded state

[FTR] Error handling improvements

[BUG] Fix user data poller after successful subscription

[BUG] Fix the field's data loading during zone map creation

[BUG] Fix the 3D map legend's number view

[BUG] Disable PDF export for published datasets

[BUG] Fix the error if the zone map was created successfully

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