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This release introduces a Raw view for Satellite Images, export of Zone Maps as WorkPlan to the John Deere Operations Center, redesign of Batch Analytics, and much more.

Raw Satellite Images

We have introduced a new feature allowing users to switch between satellite image representations, including a Raw (original pixelated) representation. The existing control on the satellite image map has been updated, enabling users to toggle Raw representation on and off. This control is integrated with existing options such as Default, Cropped, and Contrast views.

Export Seeding Zones Map as Work Plan to John Deere Ops Center

We have introduced the capability to export Seeding Zones Maps with the assigned rates as Work Plans for Fields synchronized with John Deere. A new action named "Export as Work Plan" has been added for every Zones Map on the field page. This feature is accessible only for Fields synchronized with the John Deere Operation Center.

To export, a few requirements should be met:

  • Required access is granted to GeoPard from the John Deere Operations Center.

  • GeoPard Field has already been synchronized with John Deere.

  • Rates are assigned to the Zones Map.

Data Restoration at Field Edges

We have enhanced the data restoration process at Field boundary edges for incomplete datasets. Now, even if data is missing at the edges, GeoPard will restore it more accurately using the already available data. This ensures users can always work with data that completely covers the Field.

Export Yield Dataset as Map Layers to John Deere Operations Center

We have introduced the ability to export Yield Datasets directly to the John Deere Operations Center. This feature allows users to send Cleaned & Calibrated Yield Datasets back to John Deere in an automated and manual manner.

Redesigned Batch Analysis Preview Step

We have redesigned the Preview step of Batch Analysis to provide a better user experience by accommodating more Equation Maps on the screen. The new tile view layout is responsive, adapting the number of columns to fit different screen widths, ensuring that users can efficiently view and manage their Equation Maps.

Title Template for Batch Analysis

To help users easily distinguish generated maps by their names, we have introduced a title template feature for Equation Maps. This allows users to configure custom templates for Equation Map titles or use the default one.

  • Predefined Options: The template editor includes 4 predefined options: equation name, field name, farm name, and current date.

  • Drag-and-Drop: Template elements can be dragged and dropped to customize the order.

  • Free Text: Users can add custom text to the title template by entering the text and pressing Enter.

  • Apply Changes: Once edited, changes apply to all equation maps.

  • Override Template: Users can override the applied template in the title of individual equation map.

Smart Linkage of Variables to Datasets and Attributes in Batch Analytics

We have updated the variables auto-assignment in the Batch Analysis module logic to ensure that attributes from cleaned or calibrated datasets take precedence over those from raw datasets. From now on, if there are identical attributes in cleaned/calibrated and raw datasets, the one from the enhanced dataset will be assigned to the variable.

Refined Operations Log Events

We have enhanced the Operations Log to display meaningful events, improving clarity and usability. Events are now grouped by performed operation so that you can track all your fields connected to a particular uploaded dataset.

Interpolation in Batch Analysis

We have added a "Use Interpolation" checkbox in the batch Equation Maps generation flow. This allows you to control the usage of interpolation (for each Equation Map individually or for all of them at once) during the batch generation of Equation Maps. The checkbox functions identically to its counterpart in Equation-based analysis.

Contrast Controls In Zones Maps Creation

We have added contrast control options for Satellite images within the Zones Map operations. You can now easily switch between different satellite image modes during the generation of Zones Maps, just in the same way as on the Fields page.

Contrast Controls in Compare Layers Mode

We have added new controls to enhance the Compare Layers mode, allowing users to switch between different Satellite image views (Default, Crop, and Contrast) for each layer independently. These controls function independently for each layer, similar to the controls on the Field page.

Improved Satellite Images Contrast Control

We have enhanced the appearance of the "Contrast View" control for satellite images. Now, when a contrast image is not available, the control provides a clear indication, preventing any confusion.

Faster Map Rendering with Optimized Tile Requests

We have optimized the map rendering process to enhance performance and provide a faster user experience. We increased the number of requested tiles, reducing their area simultaneously an distributing load. This lets us shorten the average loading time by 30%.

Improved Variables Auto-Assignment for Batch Analysis

We have enhanced the user experience by ensuring that manually assigned variables are retained when navigating back from the Preview step. This improvement prevents the overriding of variables that have already been assigned by the user, allowing for smoother workflow continuity.

  • Any variables that were manually assigned will remain unchanged, even if the user updates or selects a new equation.

  • Only new or changed variables will be auto-assigned.

Equation Title in Batch Equation Maps Flow

From now on, the title of the equation used for batch analysis is displayed in the Preview step. This addition lets users recap information about the equation being applied.

Clickable Attributes in Field Assets Tree View

We have enhanced the Tree View functionality to allow users to select attributes to be displayed on the map while in multi-select mode. From now on, Dataset attributes and Equation Map view types are clickable when Tree View is in multi-select mode (e.g., export to PDF or Compare Layers mode).

Enhanced Back Button Navigation on Zones Map Page

We have improved the navigation flow on the Zones Map page to address the most used user experience. After assigning rates for a newly created Zones Map, users can now return to the field they are working with by using the "Back" button.

Improved Controls on Log In / Sign Up Pages

We have enhanced the usability of the Log In and Sign Up pages by centering the controls for easier identification and interaction.

Expanded Sections on the John Deere Integration Page

We have improved the John Deere Integration page to ensure that all features are visible to users at first glance. To enhance clarity and usability, all sections under Subscriptions are now expanded by default.

Additional Enhancements and Fixes

  • User-friendly handle Zones Map updates in rates and geometries for the large Fields. A page reload is not required anymore.

  • Fixed incorrect behavior of Fields List with filters provided.

  • Ensure that only fields synchronized with John Deere have specific export options.

  • Fixed the error when saving a manually drawn Zones Map with multiple complex geometries.

  • Brought back the statistics table for newly generated Field Potential and Field Stability Zones Maps.

  • Allow next-line symbols in comments and descriptions of Pins.

  • Allow selecting Topography map attributes in the Background Layer popup.

  • Ensure that the full day is selected in the Operations Log for a custom date range.

  • Fixed the issue where an old variable name was still being used even if a user changed it.

  • Make the statistics table fully visible on the Zones Map page.

  • Fix some grammar errors in English localization.

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